Taylor & Erik ~ April 3, 2023

Taylor & Erik Make Life-Long Memories

Emily, the best woman, described Taylor and Erik’s wedding as the melding and coming together of two metals — two gold metalsOK, so she may have been quoting Michael Scott from The Office, but we have to agree that Taylor and Erik’s relationship is all gold, all the way. This gorgeous couple was brimming with love for each other, having met through a mutual friend and already built an amazing bond. And when they chose Villa Siena as their Arizona wedding venue, we knew we were in for something special.

Taylor was completely breathtaking in her mermaid-style, off-the-shoulder dress, with her hair in lovely waves and a white and pink bouquet — it was pure romance. We adored the combination of sage green dresses and charcoal gray suits for the bridal party, for a great mix of spring and sophistication that was perfect for the day.

Another thing we loved about Taylor and Erik is that they understood the importance of making memories that would last a lifetime. From the time capsule at the welcome table to the photo booth, they were making sure to capture those magic moments. (And we don’t think anyone will be forgetting that choreographed mother-son dance anytime soon!)

From the laughter and warmth during the toasts, from Emily and from Taylor’s brother, Anthony, it was clear that this couple already has a strong foundation — and an amazing support network. With a stunning celebration to begin their married life, we’re sure that they’re just getting started on a lifetime full of happiness.

Photography By: Leslie Ann Photography