Wedding Talk

Kimberly & Marcus ~ February 2, 2020

A “Home Run” Wedding Kimberly was playing catcher at her company softball game when a cute batter from the rival team (a guy named Marcus) struck up a conversation. There were sparks between the two players — in fact, you might even say their conversation was a “home run.” Before long, it was clear these… Read more »

Monica & Logan ~ January 24, 2020

A Wedding of Two “Millionaires” Monica and Logan first met at a local night club. He was security. She was a patron. There was INSTANT CHEMISTRY. As soon as we heard their love story, we knew that their wedding was going to be loads of fun. And sure enough, their January nuptials were truly a… Read more »

Mercy & Isaac ~ January 12, 2020

A Classic Wedding Ceremony For Mercy and Isaac On January 12, 2020, the Villa Siena was lucky enough to take part in a very special event: the wedding of Mercy and Isaac. This wedding was classic, traditional, and totally sweet, and we were so happy to help this beautiful couple have the special day of… Read more »

Gabby & Tony ~ December 29, 2019

From Middle School to Married Life: Gabby and Tony When Gabby and Tony met at a friend’s party in jr. high, neither of them knew that they were meeting the love of their life. But as 2019 drew to a close, this sweet couple celebrated many years of love with a beautiful December wedding! The… Read more »

Ashley & Robert ~ January 18, 2020

A Match(.com) Made in Heaven When Ashley and Robert first met online, it was clear that there would be instant chemistry IRL. After texting for a while, they finally met for coffee… where they ended up chatting for hours! So, it was no surprise to their loved ones when they finally decided to tie the… Read more »