Julie & Eric ~ June 25, 2010

Julie & Eric ~ June 25, 2010 from Villa Siena on Vimeo.


We at Villa Siena felt like we were hosting a wedding magazine photo shoot at the wedding of Juliane and Eric this past June.  As is evident from the photos, the couple took supremely good photographs, reflecting the honest and genuine happiness they experienced on their big day.     Julie select tall kiwi-green centerpieces provided a lovely contrast to the floor-length black table linens.  Photographer Chelsea Hudson did a good job capturing the elegance of these choices in the interesting and candid photographsThe ceremony focused on the bride and groom and was held indoors in the elegant Chianciano room.    A translators were hired to translate the ceremony into German since Julie’s parents,  grandparents and family are German and had traveled  all the way from Germany for the big day.    Eric’s aunt provided prelude and processional music on the harp which added a very nice personal touch as well as lovely music. 

 The reception had its own European flavor as well.  Juliane and Eric served cake and gelato to  guests in lieu of a traditional cake only option.   As the group danced off the gelato into the night, the reception was energized by a guest who rapped “Baby Got Back” to the cheers and dances of the bridal party.  Eric and Juliane brought much happiness to Villa Siena and we wish them a happy and gelato-filled future!