Carly & Rob ~ June 27, 2010

Carly & Rob ~ June 27, 2010 from Villa Siena on Vimeo.

Rob’s Navy dress uniform, the tiffany blue bride’s maid dresses, and Carly’s alluringly dark coloring made for a lovely  June wedding.  Rob was only home  for a brief time for the wedding and a honeymoon in California, after which he returned to his responsibilities in the military.   Weston Neuschafer’s images capture the formality of this event, showing the groomsmen in precise military stance, and later the groom cutting a dramatic figure at Villa Siena’s entry hallway.  Carly stole the show in the picturesque, indoor ceremony, wearing a graceful and flowing halter-gown.  In one photo, Weston captures the party in a mock-ceremony through a picture frame, reminding us all to frame the moments that matter and enjoy our time with those who we love.  Congratulations from Villa Siena and we wish you a happy future!