Brytni & Matthew ~ June 26, 2010

Brytni and Matthew ~June 26, 2010 from Villa Siena on Vimeo.

Both Brytni and Matt are very committed to principles and teachings of their  church so as you can imagine, worship was big part of their wedding ceremony.    Brytni’s youth pastor officiated the ceremony, and the couple was blessed by several church elders.  The reception was decorated beautifully, featuring burgundy, gold, and chocolate brown.  The natural colors of the Villa blended nicely with the colors the bride had chosen.  The pièce de résistance at the reception was their extravagant and unique cake created by Villa Siena’s baker.  No doubt photographer Ruby Rideout was excited to photograph it.  The cake was lined with rosebuds at every tier, and covered with a light dusting of chocolate powder, adding an antique look to the detailed piping over the fondant.  In addition to the photos of the cake, we were pleased to see such creative and engaging photos of the massive bridal party, who all wore floor length, pleated and ruffled satin red dresses.  As the guests finished their dinner Brytni and Matthew danced their first dance to a song recorded by the father of the bride.  The family again contributed to the festivities when Brytni’s younger sister caught the bridal bouquet!  We wish them both the best in future!