Villa Siena is well equipped to host all types of corporate events. Daytime meetings, seminars, training sessions as well as evening banquets, awards ceremonies and holiday celebrations. Villa Siena has capacity for up to 450 guests seated theater style in the Firenze Ballroom, up to 100 in Chiancino and up to 35 in Pisa.. Two hundred and fifty (250) are able to sit comfortably in Firenze at banquet tables for meetings or other events. Fully equipped with projector, screen, microphone and house sound, organizations are able to conduct meetings of all sorts at Villa Siena. Bring your computer and seamlessly connect to Villa Siena's system.

Elite Corporate Events and Conference Venue

The Pisa Boardroom hosts meetings for up to 35 guests with state of the art projection screen allowing attendees to see what is on the speaker's computer screen. Perfect venue for conferences, board meetings, off-site management retreats and small group training sessions. Watch as the motorized chandelier in this spectacular boardroom is raised while the projection screen simultaneously descends to allow for maximal visibility and function. The 18' round table hand built for this room is perfect for management discussions where stakeholders are able to sit at the table and work together to arrive at optimal solutions to today's complex challenges.

A unique experience for your employees, customers or business associates, Villa Siena has extensive experience as a conference venue hosting corporate events. For assistance, questions, or to create a quote, contact Villa Siena.

Here is what some of our past clients have to say about their corporate event at Villa Siena.

"Our recent training seminar at Villa Siena could not have gone any better. We had about 225 participants who stayed all day for training on our new program. Villa Siena was easy to find and is located in the east valley, where many of our business partners operate. We used Villa Siena's equipment and had no problems. The staff is great. We would highly recommend hosting any event at Villa Siena. Very nice experience for us and our attendees. This place is beautiful!"

"Our holiday party at Villa Siena was, by far, the most memorable event we have ever hosted for our employees. We hired a photographer to take photos again this year and people are still talking about the shots he got of them at Villa Siena. One person said, "I felt like I was in Italy, in a fabulous Country Villa. I must have been a Contessa in a former life, because I felt right at home!" What a treat for our company to be able to celebrate the holidays together in such a unique and handsome venue. The food was exquisite. Well done Villa Siena!"

"We really enjoy working in the Pisa Boardroom. Our executive management team needed to get out of the office to do some brainstorming together. The privacy we had at Villa Siena allowed us to come up with some original and creative ideas that probably wouldn't have happened if we had not taken time to do the management retreat off site. The staff and Villa Siena is very professional and helpful. The large projection screen was key to allowing everyone to see what we were working on. Thank you to Villa Siena. We look forward to returning again next quarter."

As a boutique event location, Villa Siena has crafted an elegant corporate event and conference venue, and is receiving rave reviews! Villa Siena offers the unique combination of a spacious yet intimately private venue of unsurpassed quality and beauty.